Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts is available for all 1st – 5th grade boys at St. Peter Catholic Parish and School. The benefits of Cub Scouts are life skills, friendships and the recognition of being part of the Boy Scouts of America. Cub Scouts do not emphasize winning as an end result, but rather the far more demanding task of doing one’s best. The pack (Troop 139) is divided into dens: Bobcats, Tiger Cub, Wolf, Bear and Webelos. Each level brings the boys from a level of dependence to independence, developing skills and knowledge, creating fellowship with each other and the community, all while having fun.

Girls Scouts

Girl Scouts is available for female students starting in 5K at St. Peter Catholic Parish and School. They are a part of the Girls Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast. The Girl Scout levels are: Daisy (grades 5K and 1st), Brownie (grades 2 and 3), Junior (grades 4 and 5), and Cadette (grades 6-8). The girls have fun while building courage, confidence, character, values, leadership development, and collaboration.