91qfu7naujya3r3rvn9459lorkl.jpgSt. Peter Catholic School students receive instructions and elementary technical skills using the following devices within a classroom setting:

  • Computer Lab
  • iPads
  • Google Chrome books
  • SMART Boards




Students use our technology lab to explore and discover a variety of skills once a week with our technology teacher, Mrs. Manya Suchy. Additionally, students have access to our school’s 30 iPads and begin using iPads with education apps already in 3K. Google Chrome books are available to students beginning at the first grade level in which they learn how to use Google Software.


We are fortunate to have a SMART Board in every classroom for teachers and students to utilize. These boards are placed at student’s height so they are easy to reach and can be used as an interactive screen. The SMART Board Interactive Flat Panels provide 21st Century Classroom features such as receiving information quickly from multiple multimedia sources, parallel processing and multi-tasking, to network simultaneously, using interactive touch screens. Many of our teachers utilize these boards during reading and math lessons to visualize learning and introduce interactive games.