Bell Choir

The fifth grade students learn songs on the Hand Bells, and they perform these songs at occasional Masses as well as Christmas and Spring concerts. Learning to play the bells takes practice, patience, and persistence. Great care is taken by each fifth grader to ensure the bells are taken care of on a weekly basis. Their care consists of wiping them off after rehearsal, keeping the bells from clanging together, and setting up and putting away equipment by themselves. Students are learning note reading, chord reading and making beautiful music.



The students have the wonderful opportunity to participate in individual lessons during the school day or after school. Students will receive one thirty minute piano lesson a week. The day and time will be chosen with their classroom teacher, piano instructor and parents based on availability of open lesson times. The students will be able to practice their individual lessons with the school’s piano. Lesson books are provided by the piano instructor, and students will participate at a Spring Recital. The student and piano instructor will decide the student’s solo piece to perform.

School Choir

The choir meets once a week on Wednesday mornings at 6:50 am to learn songs not necessarily taught in the classroom during the day. The students learn special songs to be sung at occasional Masses. The choir includes students from 2nd-5th grade. Students work together to make beautiful music to enhance our worship at St. Peter Catholic Church.

For more questions or information, please contact Mr. Andy Smith at [email protected].