Curriculum development is ongoing to provide for the use of current materials and methodology in each subject area. The curriculum meets and/or exceeds the Common Core standards set by the state of Wisconsin and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. All curriculum listed on this page is offered 3K through 5th grade!

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Religion classes encompassing the Catholic philosophies are taught by the homeroom teachers with additional instruction from the Pastor. The curriculum presents the theology and scripture in a sequential approach recognizing the increasing level of student understanding. Classroom instruction is supported by liturgical experiences, scripture assemblies and community service activities.


The students are introduced to personal wellness and prevention, mental and emotion health, nutrition, and personal health.   Health classes are integrated with physical education classes.


Spanish is offered to students in 3K-5th grades. Students are introduced to the Spanish culture, holidays, colors, numbers, objects, families and calendar. They also engage in conversation using Spanish language for personal enjoyment and enrichment. Through this class, students also gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures.


In our math curriculum, the students learn how to apply skills and knowledge, and also when and why. There is a strong emphasis on the use of manipulative and real-life learning. The math program seeks to develop the student’s ability to problem solve.

Reading/Language Arts

Reading/Language Arts curriculum emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to reading and writing, including the use of Phonics. The curriculum provides students with a program focusing on oral communication (listening, speaking), as well as written communication (writing, spelling, penmanship). Teachers also use leveled readers to engage students at their individual reading pace.


Students receive instruction of elementary computer skills each week in a classroom setting, even beginning in 3K. They are given opportunities to use the computers to assist them with their learning and to support the skills and concepts presented in all curricular areas. The use of iPads and educational apps are used across all grade levels (3K-5th) grade. Each classroom, excluding the 3K Room, has a Smart Board to expand creativity within our learning environment. 3rd-5th grade students use Google Chromebooks to create project-based and informational reports, slideshows, and brochures. Any student using the school’s computers or technology equipment needs to sign an Acceptable Use Policy Statement.


Our science curriculum emphasizes learning concepts through hands-on experiences. It is through this active participation that they develop inquiry skills and problem-solving strategies. They develop an understanding of how science relates to everyday life.

Social Studies

Social Studies curriculum provides students with an awareness of the world around them. It focuses on current and past issues and helps students develop pride for our country. They acquire the knowledge, skills, and values needed for a full and productive citizenship.

Music Music

Music is an integral part of the school curriculum. The music program helps students use, value and understand music in an enjoyable environment. The curriculum is based upon learning by experience. The primary goals of the music program are to:

  • Develop basic music literacy
  • Ensure students have a basic knowledge of music history a nd music theory
  • Expose the students to both sacred and secular music

Each year SPCS hosts a Christmas and Spring Concert in which students can showcase their musical abilities.

PhyEdPhysical Education

Our physical education program helps students progressively develop their physical capabilities and a healthy attitude. Activities promote physical fitness and recreational competence in accordance with the abilities and needs of each student.